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Privacy Policy

This policy determines basic guideline on the Kyushu express bus reservation system governing board handling personal information of customer. The Kyushu express bus reservation system governing board observes laws and ordinances about personal information protection and performs the acquisition, the use, management of personal information appropriately.

About personal information

  1. When we acquire personal information, we identify the use purpose and acquire in limit necessary for the objective achievement. In addition, when we use personal information, we state clearly to customer beforehand and use within notice or the use purpose that we announced. In addition, the use purposes of personal information to acquire are as follows.
    1. To keep contents making a reservation under control exactly, and to cope appropriately.
    2. When we contact the people such as emergency, to use.
    3. To use for marketing campaign such as product development, sales promotion.
  2. We do not perform offer of personal information to third party and disclosure unless there is agreement of customer beforehand.
  3. We employ administrator for each company handling personal information and perform appropriate safety management about personal information. In addition, we supervise when we consign handling of personal information to supplier so that appropriate safety management is carried out.
  4. When there was request for disclosure or correction of personal information from customer, we cope appropriately by place to set of laws and ordinances concerned. In addition, we may set fee in consideration for method, the actual expenses to confirm that it is documents, the person having you submit on request.
  5. We review privacy policy continuously and try for the improvement.
  6. This committee meeting may revise the above-mentioned policy after public announcement.

※Cases depending on request from public institution may give a response that they are different from the handling mentioned above based on laws and ordinances.

About inquiry

Inquiry about Kyushu express bus reservation system

Secretariat E-mail: info@highwaybus.com

〒810-8570 1-11-17, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi

Fukuoka Building (Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. Automobile Business Division Sales Planning Department Systems Section)

Inquiry about personal information of customer sets up all-inclusive reception desk window as follows.

In addition, method of inquiry assumes receptionist only for E-mail to the following secretariat or mail.

Security Policy

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