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Exoticism perfect score! Okay, to Nagasaki

New facility addition more experience-based than 10/1 advantageous "Nagasaki burabura ticket!"

Nagasaki burabura ticket is plan ticket of limited sale during period when discount privilege book which is usable for four pieces of streetcar tickets of Nagasaki Electric Tramway in tie-up facilities such as (for 520 yen), tourist facility or restaurant was bundled with Fukuoka - Nagasaki Line express bus "Kyushugo" round-trip ticket.
The number of the sale increases since the release in December, 2010 and, as advantageous ticket which is useful for sightseeing in Nagasaki, has favorable reception.

It increases tie-up facilities three under the theme of "women's trip that you can experience simply because it is Nagasaki" for the release more on October 1, 2019 and it blows and, glass painting experience, experiences glass and can use Glover Garden retro photo studio room shooting at special discount rate.
In express bus Kyushugo, come to exotic Nagasaki by all means.