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It changes to "highway bus dot-com".

When you do not know where information that he/she wants to check is placed in, please use "search in site" of the upper page.

We make a reservation about express bus, and inquiry feels free to contact to the following reservation center!

Kyushu express bus reservation (reception 8:00-19:00) Free Dial 0120-489-939
CellPhone: 092-734-2727
Saihi express bus reservation center 0956-25-8900
The bus express bus reservation center managed by Nagasaki 095-823-6155
Oita Bus reservation center 097-536-3371
Oita Transportation reservation center 097-536-3655
Kamenoi bus reservation center 0977-25-3220
Kumamoto express bus reservation center 096-354-4845
kyukokosoku bus reservation center 0985-32-1000
Bus Karatsu bus center of the Showa era 0955-73-7511
Kyushu Kyuko Bus reservation center 092-734-2500
Port of Kagoshima book express bus reservation center 099-222-1220
Nangoku Traffic express bus reservation center 099-259-6781

Please inform of opinion, inquiry to homepage with the following form.

As we perform fact checking or the situation confirmation of contents which you contacted when we reply, time may suffer. In addition, about opinions that we had during periods such as one of tray for New Year holidays, Golden Week, he/she may make a reply after the consecutive holidays. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. [reply time from 9:00 to 18:00]

Please contact each reservation center for contents to make a reservation.

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